Community Employment Resource Map

Wayne County

As part of a rural community, Wayne County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Wayne DD) has cultivated relationships with several local businesses for community employment for the individuals they serve. Indivdiuals with developmental disabilities in Wayne County have a wide range of jobs including: child care, animal care, factory work, and maintenance.

Wayne DD has recently privatized all facility-based work and is engaged in person centered planning and a thorough discovery process to assist individuals in gaining community employment. They work with youth transitioning from school to adult services starting at age 14; the partnership between DODD and Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities has been influential in their work with transition age youth. They also have a transition program for adults in facility based settings who are seeking community employment

There are several collaborators that support community employment outcomes in Wayne County. Wayne DD works with Ohio Means Jobs, the Wooster Chamber of Commerce, and is part of the Common Good Committee which is a local group that meets to enhance communication between job seekers and employers in order to best meet the needs of the community. Wayne DD staff also sits on the transition council for the state support team 9.

After exiting high school, one individual had been working in the facility-based setting for about four years, when he participated in the transition program. Through the program, he was hired at Uncle Mike's Beef Jerky Factory where he does a variety of tasks. Within one month, he became a full-time employee and within six months he had profit shares in the company.

The community has been very supportive and receptive. A testament to this is the 20 different locations that provide mentorship opportunities for individuals to gain experience working in the community. Additionally, strong direction from the county board and administration has been a large influence on the community employment success.