OOD Launches Inclusive Employer Toolkit

(COLUMBUS, OH) — Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) has announced the launch of the Inclusive Employer Toolkit, designed to help employers recruit, hire, and retain employees with disabilities and foster an inclusive workplace.

Recruitment and retention are challenges for many businesses. Individuals with disabilities represent a talent pool that is often hidden and underutilized. The Inclusive Employer Toolkit, which can be used in its entirety or by section, is a guide to creating an inclusive workplace and accessing this hidden pool of talent.

“Ohioans with disabilities make excellent employees because of their loyalty and drive to be successful,” said Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted. “Creating an inclusive work environment and leveraging this untapped talent pool gives companies a competitive edge, and the new OOD Employer Toolkit can help give businesses the tools they need to get started.”

“We’re inviting Ohio employers to use the Toolkit and engage with our Business Relations team to understand better how to meet your business goals by hiring candidates with disabilities,” said Kevin Miller, OOD Director.

The Toolkit includes four main topics:

  1. Building the Business Case – benefitting from hiring people with disabilities
  2. Inclusive Workplace – making the workplace inclusive of everyone
  3. Recruiting, Hiring, and Supporting Employees – getting access to a greater pool of talent
  4. Workplace Accommodations – making small changes can make a big difference

The Inclusive Employer Toolkit was created by the OOD Business Relations team, which works throughout the state to raise awareness of OOD and its mission with Employer Partners to promote and support the hiring of individuals with disabilities. The Toolkit curates the best practices, tips, resources, and webinars that have benefitted OOD Employer Partners. Use of the Toolkit is free and open to all, and a demonstration video is available on the website.

OOD is the state agency responsible for empowering Ohioans with disabilities through employment, disability determinations, and independence. OOD’s Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation serves eligible individuals with physical, mental, intellectual, and sensory disabilities, beginning at age 14, through direct, personalized services geared toward finding and retaining meaningful work. Over the last year, since March 2020, OOD has placed a total of 5,284 Ohioans with disabilities into jobs in health care, warehouse and logistics, customer service, food preparation, retail, manufacturing, and more.

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