The Ohio Employment First Taskforce and its member agencies are developing a cross-agency professional learning experience designed for local professionals working to prepare, involve, and empower families of students with disabilities as they transition from secondary education to adulthood.

To help you get started before the training in spring 2022, we want to share It Starts With Families, a guide designed to support local professionals serving individuals and their families to become familiar with the research around family engagement and understanding their unique needs.

To learn more about the professional learning opportunity, contact

The Blueprint for Adult Day and Employment Services Work Group

The Blueprint for Adult Day and Employment Services Work Group convened from January 2020 to May 2021 with the purpose of improving adult day support services, transportation services, and strengthening competitive, integrated employment outcomes for people with developmental disabilities throughout Ohio. The workgroup finalized its Blueprint proposal on May 20, 2021. An overview of what to expect can be viewed here. Details about implementation and timelines can be found in the official Blueprint Proposal. The next step is to implement their recommendations. DODD is developing implementation teams to begin putting their work into action.

Outcome Tracking System

The Outcome Tracking System (OTS) will be available to those Adult Day and Employment providers, ICFs, DCs, and County Boards beginning October 1, 2021. OTS Users will enter data for those whom they provided services to in September 2021. Users will have six months to enter data, 10/1/2021 – 3/31/2022. DODD has developed some resources and tools to assist Users throughout the Reporting Period: User Guide, screencasts, recorded webinar, security access guide, and OTS definitions. You may also contact your Regional Community Life Engagement Project Manager for any questions you may have.

If you have been out of work or financially impacted by the COVID–19 pandemic, you are not alone.

The pandemic has disrupted the personal finances of many Americans. As a result, large numbers of people — including those with disabilities — are making employment–related decisions based on their new financial situation. You may be one of them.

We all need clear and accurate information to secure our financial well-being. This toolkit provides a path forward, based on where you are in your employment journey. Just click on any of the topic areas below — Preparing for a Job, Starting a Job, Maintaining a Job, Changing or Losing a Job, and Retiring from a Job — for answers to important questions, including tools and resources to help you meet your financial goals.

For more information, please visit the Secure your Financial Future - Toolkit for Individuals with Disabilities.

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