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Meet Our Team

Regional Community Life Engagement Project Managers

The Community Life Engagement (CLE) Project Managers are an expansion of the Employment First and Technology First teams. Their primary focus is to ensure that people eligible for services through Ohio’s developmental disability system will have increased opportunities to live, work, and thrive in their homes and communities through state-of-the-art planning, innovative technology, and supports that focus on their talents, interests, and skills.

Main Responsibilities for CLE Project Managers:

  • Empower people with disabilities and their families to make informed decisions
  • Promote interagency collaboration
  • Ensure access and availability of supports while prioritizing innovative technology
  • Enhance the skills and knowledge of providers, Service and Support Administrators (SSA), and families
  • Engage business partners
  • Establish measurable benchmarks to track progress
  • Ensure DODD integrates and coordinates work across regions

Their primary focus is to support the transformation of current adult day and employment supports away from facility-based services towards a community-minded emphasis and practice by working with teams to increase the use of technology in-home and community-based services. Focusing on the talents, interests, and skills of the people we support along with supporting stakeholders, CLE Project Managers will develop a system of continuous innovation and responsiveness, through both the Employment First and Technology First initiatives.

The CLE Project Managers understand each person is at a different place on their path to community employment and community engagement. There are times people do not or will not work: people retire, get sick, get fired, quit, have setbacks, and even times when the people supporting them just can’t figure out what kind of job they could do. The CLE Project Managers will ensure services and supports are available during those times as well; to help people understand their options, discover ways to contribute, connect and participate meaningfully in their communities.


This team is led by Keith Banner. Should you have questions about the role and responsibilities of the Community Life Engagement Manager, please feel free to contact Keith: or 614-687-1563.

Britta Hough
Project Manager
Office:(614) 813-3255

Kelly Schuck
Project Manager
Office: (614) 867-8351

Sarra Burnham
Project Manager
Office:(614) 981-9313

Tom Hess
Project Manager
Office:(614) 466-7480

Lindsay Terry Stine
Data Project Manager
Office: (614) 302-1146

Anne Tapia
Project Manager
Office:(614) 202-4899

Melissa Morelli
Project Manager, Works4Me
Office:(614) 732-3072

To view the DODD Regional team contact in your county, please view the DODD Regional Team Map.

To view your Community Life Engagement Project Manager in your county, please view the map below.

Have questions? Email: