Community Employment Resource Map

Vinton County

In Vinton County, individuals with developmental disabilities have jobs in food service, administrative settings, small businesses, retail, and maintenance. One individual has been recently hired by Vinton DD upon completing an internship. She is now working part time as a receptionist and earns more than minimum wage. She no longer attends the day program and feels like her job has helped to reach one of her goals.

Vinton County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Vinton DD) has developed policies and procedures to support individuals in community employment. They have open communication with local school districts to assist in the planning for transition age youth and work with the Employment First Initiative through the Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities and DODD partnership. Vinton DD also discusses the pathway to employment with individuals and their families during the individual support plan meetings. Family support is one of the greatest influences for community employment success in Vinton County, and Vinton DD has utilized benefits analysis and open communication to help families of individuals seeking employment.