Community Employment Resource Map

Stark County

Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Stark DD) has several supports in place for community employment. Staff dedicated to integrated employment include eight job coaches and a job specialist that provide ongoing job support for individuals competitively employed in the community. Examples of these integrated placements include: Marks, Giant Eagle, Fisher Foods, car dealerships, and light industry positions. These placements are guided and driven by what the individual expresses interest in their individual plan for employment.

The Stark DD has several policies and practices in place to support community integration, such as the individual plan for employment. Stark DD’s 2014-2016 strategic plan states that they will close at least one facility in one year, and they are currently working toward that goal.

Stark DD hired two SSA’s to act as liaisons with local school districts and the local Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) office. They are also developing a navigational tool to be used by families and individuals so they can more easily understand the transition process, what resources are available, and what actions they can take to secure services and contribute to successful integrated outcomes.  

Collaboration is a key component in Stark County, and Stark DD hopes to enhance relationships with private providers in order to share resources and open a dialogue There is also an Employment First group comprised of educators, representatives from private providers, OOD, and staff at Ohio Means Jobs that discuss a variety of topics related to community employment in Stark County.

A number of employers have embraced the approach of supported employment by Stark DD and they continue to develop relationships to allow more choice for individual job placement.