Community Employment Resource Map

Montgomery County

In Montgomery County, a fairly large industrial county, Individuals benefit from integrated employment options in manufacturing, hospitality, retail, food service, and clerical fields. Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Montgomery DD) recently adopted an Employment First policy that reflects the statewide initiative. This policy provides an outline for the board’s commitment to integrated employment and will guide future procedures.

Programs supporting employment in Montgomery County include Local Leaders community planning team, internship development, and a variety of transition initiatives. As part of the Local Leaders initiative, Montgomery County collaborates with the Greene and Warren County Boards of Developmental Disabilities. The goal for this group is to overcome perceived barriers and further enhance employment services in their counties by working collaboratively with job seekers, families, providers, employers, schools, and other partners. Throughout the next year, they will work to implement an action plan developed to address specific high priority areas.  

Transition is a very important aspect of community employment and Montgomery County has shown dedication to improving this process for the individuals they serve. They have hired employment specialists to work with students ages 16 years and older with developing job skills and preparing families for community employment. There is also a Transitions Council, comprised of teachers, school district administrators, parents, mentors, and representatives from Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD), who are actively involved in creating a better transition process. They meet quarterly and have recently put on a large transition fair with guest speakers and information booths so that individuals and their families can learn about adult services and integrated opportunities. 

Montgomery DD, in collaboration with Greene County DD, offers week-long summer boot-camps for students that focus on job preparation. Students volunteer in the community, listen to speakers that present on topics related to employment, and spend time developing other job skills.

One of the most influential aspects regarding employment in Montgomery County is the culture of integration. Individuals receiving services have a strong presence and local businesses are aware of and supportive of community employment, recognizing the contributions of workers with disabilities to their bottom line.

Additional Resources:

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