Community Employment Resource Map

Medina County

There are several opportunities for employment in Medina County. Integrated employment opportunities include maintaining café’s and snack bars, working at the county recycling center, a manufacturing plant, maintenance for public entities, and variety of positions in a hospital setting. Many of these positions assist with training and assessments in order for individuals to further develop their interests to identify meaningful vocational goals. Some individual community employment positions include golf maintenance, food service, clerical positions, childcare, and industrial.

Medina County has an Employment First policy that provides guidelines for all individuals served. These individuals have a 90-day assessment period where they engage in person centered planning to best decide what they want for employment. Unless there is an exception, the work center front doors are closed and community and supported employment are the primary placements. The Medina County Transition team, comprised of day service providers, school districts and the county board, discuss interagency collaboration, partnerships, and perceived barriers monthly. This think tank promotes strengthened relationships that result in successful transitions to community employment.

Natural supports and personal growth are aspects that have made longevity possible for individuals served in Medina County. Two individuals have been in their positions for over 20 years and have found friendships, career advancements, and true integration. Dedicated staff and broad support from the community are some of the strongest influences of community employment success. These collaborations to enhance awareness and provide the best opportunities allow individuals to experience long term success.

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