Community Employment Resource Map

Huron County

Huron County has several opportunities for individuals served to find community employment. With a large entertainment industry, Huron County has several seasonal positions with businesses like Cedar Point and Kalahari Indoor Waterpark. Other positions for individuals include customer service, industrial, working in the medical field, landscaping, and retail. Huron DD has established an employment first policy that supports the state of Ohio's initiative to encourage community employment. All individuals served who would like to work, are placed in the community first before entering a center-based program.

Huron County has a very positive culture surrounding Employment First, especially as a small rural county. Individuals become “one of the family” when they find integrated employment. One particular individual served has been able to grow professionally and personally in his position by becoming close friends with his supervisor. Even though one is a Steelers fan and the other cheers for the Browns, they travel to games together to root for their favorite NFL team. Huron County has several partnerships including Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities, and a variety of professional networks like Rotary International and business chambers. Establishing a Bridges to Transition program has also strengthened relationships with multiple local school boards in order to best serve students transitioning from school age to adult services.

Huron DD also works with an Employment First counselor at OOD to receive support for placing individuals in the community. Many of the professional networks are tools to outreach with the community about potential employment opportunities. Huron County caters to individuals' interests and strengths whenever possible and works to get individuals into positions that they truly want to be.

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