Community Employment Resource Map

Highland County

Highland County is a rural community where individuals with developmental disabilities currently work in retail, customer service, stocking, child care and food service.

The Highland County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Highland DD) has implemented an Employment First policy and provides significant resources and funding for community employment services. Highland DD utilizes person centered planning when matching individuals with jobs in the community.

Highland DD works with several agencies including: Southern State Community College, the Chamber of Commerce, local Ohio Means Jobs office, and the local Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities agency. There is also a Bridges to Transitions program in Highland County. Career exploration with Bridges to Transitions has multiple sites including: daycare, food service, auto repair, maintenance, and local nursing facility. Highland DD is also part of the transition team for the county that meets bi-monthly to address concerns for transition age youth with disabilities.

One individual was able to get a job at Lowe's over a year ago. He showed that he was a valuable employee and is an example to other employees. Because of his success, others have been able to obtain employment in different departments both at Lowe's and in other businesses.

Community employment has been supported by the leadership at Highland DD. Staff have to be trained and specialize in community employment services. Local businesses have been very receptive; staff have built relationships with the community and are able to make meaningful matches between potential employers and employees.

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