Community Employment Resource Map

Geauga County

Geauga County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Geauga DD) has been a proponent of community employment for several years. Jobs in the community include landscaping, retail, food service, maintenance, and manufacturing and even gigs at the local radio station, which employs individuals to assist Disc Jockeys.

In 2012, Geauga DD awarded a grant to a private provider, Siffrin, to develop integrated employment opportunities in the community. This fall, Eddie’s Fruit Farm will open, serving 25 individuals and providing work experience to lead to community-based employment opportunities.

Another noteworthy placement has been at a local consignment store, where Andrew was hired to maintain inventory and research items online.  He has proven to be a focused, productive, and determined employee.  Andrew has excelled in this position both professionally, with career advancement, and personally by greatly enhancing his social and communication skills.

Geauga DD adopted an Employment First Policy in 2013 that states all individuals served have an opportunity for community employment as their first choice, and the board maintains an internal database in order to track outcomes and to better serve individuals.

In July 2013, Geauga DD hired an Employment First manager who works with local school districts to help guide the transition planning process from school to work, helps students makes connections with community resources, and supports providers to develop integrated job opportunities.

This collaboration with partners, along with creativity and adaptability has been a large part of the success in improving employment outcomes and shifting the culture towards integrated employment in Geauga County.