Community Employment Resource Map

Erie County

Much of Erie County is based on a season and tourist economy. Many individuals with developmental disabilities are employed in food service and retail industries.

To support community employment, the Erie County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Erie DD) has created an individual support policy that was adopted in 2008. These individual budgets allow funding for a variety of services, including supported employment. These individual budgets have been extremely influential in community employment success because they allow flexibility and choice for individuals receiving services. Erie DD also provides some transportation during times that the public transit is not available, which is very helpful for individuals working in the community.

 As a part of the Local Leaders initiative, Erie DD has been able to generate partnerships with other organizations and create a strategic plan for moving forward with more community based services. Ohio Means Jobs and the local office for Jobs and Family services are emerging partners for Erie DD. The local Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities office and local school districts also work with Erie DD. There has been a lot of support in the community and there are several opportunities for Erie DD to continue developing relationships with employers.