Community Employment Resource Map

Clermont County

Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Clermont DD) has had a community employment team for over 20 years. There are several types of employment opportunities in Clermont County, such as mail clerks, box folders, stocking, maintenance, clerical, food preparation, and customer service.

With such a seasoned program, Clermont DD has developed several practices and policies that support community employment. One of these services is the Bridges to Transition program. Relationships between the Clermont DD and the local school districts have flourished since the creation of the Bridges to Transition program, as well as bolstering the counties’ relationship with local Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) in order to serve students transitioning from school to community employment. In 2010 the program started with only 16 students and now they work with over 80 students in 2014.

Transportation had been identified as a potential barrier in Clermont County, so Clermont DD has allocated local funds for individuals who may not have access to transportation to apply for support to pay for a taxi or provider service. Clermont DD works very closely with the county government to continue to develop accessible transportation options, especially in the rural parts of the county.

Clermont DD also encourages the use of self-waivers that ultimately provide individuals with funding for ongoing retention supports, transportation, and other necessary components for obtaining and keeping community employment.

Another practice in Clermont County are individual budgets that are comprised of local funding that are designed for individuals to use for integrated and community based services, particularly wrap around services. The intent is that individuals have access to pay providers to explore community options while not at their place of employment.

Individuals served at Clermont DD also participate with Ohio Means Jobs by attending trainings, job fairs, and a variety of other services provided. CCBDD is continuing to develop their relationship with the Chamber of Commerce as a way to outreach with potential employers.

One individual served in Clermont County has found tremendous natural supports while work at Records Express, a document imaging company. He has significant physical disabilities, and his management has provided all of the needed accommodations so that he is able to work without concerns. This support has allowed him to stay in this position for several years and provided the employer with a dedicated long-term employee.

The numerous partnerships with businesses and the awareness in the community have been paramount for community employment success in Clermont County. Experienced staff has created a broad network for developing positions, and they are dedicated to continuing progress with the mission of community integration for the individuals they serve.

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