Community Employment Resource Map

Clark County

There are a variety of opportunities for employment in Clark County for individuals with developmental disabilities, including restaurants, maintenance, clerical, retail, industrial, and health care industry. Other opportunities include summer work programs and the Bridges to Transition program. Many of these summer programs have internships and work study options for transition-age youth. Clark DD also supports a person centered approach where individuals are able to share their strengths and interests when going through the job matching process. They are taking time to explore what type and what kind of employer would be the best fit for each individual.

Clark DD is participating in Local Leaders with DODD, and they have created a plan that can be seen by clicking here. The Clark County Collaborative includes local employers, families, the Clark County Chamber of Commerce, and others to educate the community about employing individuals with DD. Clark DD is also working with the local school districts and transition-age youth so that students are prepared for employment and are using a person-centered approach starting as early as first grade, where appropriate. Other partnerships include: the local Ohio Means Jobs agency, and other providers that have an interest in employment.

Through Project SEARCH, 100% of the participants in Clark County have become successfully employed. This remarkable success is due in part to open communication with families to address concerns.

Hands on experiences like work study, internships, and summer programs have been very influential for the community employment success in Clark County. Also, having available data and information to connect with businesses and the community has built a foundation for future success and partnerships.

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