Community Employment Resource Map

Champaign County

Shelby and Champaign Counties have a variety of employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities. Some of these include: working in hotels, restaurants, nursing facilities, manufacturing and landscaping.

Shelby County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Shelby DD) and Champaign County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Champaign DD) have a Community First Policy that states that community options are to be explored for eligible persons as a first choice. It also presumes everyone to be employable and emphasizes community integration. Both counties are practicing a person-centered approach that looks at needs, strengths, interests, and skills of individuals. They use information to link to existing resources and to naturally support the person in their community. Both counties view waivers as resources to connect individuals with services.

Both counties are also participating in Project Transformation through support from DODD. They are making action plans to help transform their services into a community based system with guidance from a nationally renowned consultant.

Transition teams from both counties work with local school districts for youth transitioning from school to adult services. Shelby and Champaign DD also collaborate with local Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities. Both counties have connected with other provider agencies on an individual basis. They also have a strong relationship with the local Ohio Means Jobs office.

A local company called Electro Controls recently hired an individual who had worked in a facility-based setting for a number of years. Prior to working at Electro Controls, this individual had tried several different community placements, but none had been the right fit. He is now much more independent through his job at Electro Controls and no longer works at the facility based setting.

Support from leadership has been very influential for community employment in Shelby and Champaign Counties. Both boards believe in community employment and the superintendent is behind the movement. The boards work closely with families and host meetings to inform individuals and their families about the changes on a federal, state, local level. Businesses in the community that have worked with the county boards have also been supportive and accepting.