Community Employment Resource Map

Butler County

As a large county, Butler has a wide range of employment opportunities with strong chambers of commerce. Positions range from financial, food service, maintenance, to clerical. A strong partnership exists with Westchester Medical as a site for Project SEARCH and as a large community employer. Project SEARCH is an internship program that provides year-long opportunities for youth transitioning from school to community services. Additionally, Butler County has partnerships with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities and Butler Technical School to provide important job training and professional skills. Butler County also has a strong relationship with multiple school districts.

With support from OCALI, Butler County has held Employment First transition trainings, surveys and meetings with teachers to develop a framework within Hamilton School District. The District recently hired a work study coordinator who assists with job skill and experience development. Starting in the 2014-2015 school year, there will be ongoing meetings with teachers and families to collaboratively develop the most meaningful plans for students transitioning to the community. There is also collaboration with other regional counties, and there will be an Employment First regional conference in September 2014 to share ideas and resources about community employment. Butler County created an Employment First policy in 2013 which provides guidelines for ensuring community integration for the individuals’ services.

Person center planning has been an integral policy in Butler County for the past few years and has further developed with the adoption of the new Service and Support Administrator rule. Individuals develop their own team that coordinates to meet their needs and wants. One particular success from this approach is Jason. Jason had previously been underemployed and did not express interest in his community based job. With support from the county, Jason was able to find a new position at a center for senior citizens. This position provided significant career advancement with an increase in pay, hours worked, and enjoyment.

Additional Resources:

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