2023 Innovation Series

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2023 Innovation Series

The 2023 Innovation Series builds on the connections the Community Life Engagement Team has helped to spotlight and celebrate over the last 6+ years to improve person-centered planning, community membership, and employment opportunities for individuals across Ohio. Throughout the 2022 Innovation Series, we honored the importance of relationships and explored how innovation is created and sustained by leveraging those relationships and shared experiences. We recognized how interconnected we are, and that we expand what is possible when we come together with a shared purpose. The increasing complexities of our society and challenges faced within the developmental disability system require us to work collaboratively to discover a shared path forward.

The 2023 Innovation Series provides the opportunity for stakeholders to share strategies and address obstacles related to Employment, Technology, Transition, Complex Needs, and Plans & Outcomes. The series is designed to grow and foster networks that empower a diverse group of people to connect, collaborate, and innovate to create a future system of supports that works for all.

Join us in this important work starting Tuesday, April 4, and continuing each Tuesday through May 9.

More details and registration information – coming soon!