2022 Innovation Series



The 2022 Innovation Series continues the work and connections established over the last 5+ years through the Transformation Summit/Series. As we pivot from "transformation" to a focus on "innovation," the goal is to share reflections, stories, and strategies learned and implemented over the last two years, honor the relationships and collaboration of providers and stakeholders, and leverage our shared experiences to create and cultivate better systems of support.

The 2022 Innovation Series honors the relationships created among people being supported and people providing the supports, and how innovation is created and sustained by using those relationships and shared experiences to make the system more responsive and person-centered.

The 2022 Innovation Series has been designed to allow everyone interested in the subject matter a variety of formats and styles so individual and organizational needs and expectations can be met. It provides an opportunity for stakeholders to gather and share ideas, strategies, and practices that will assist them as they move through the systems change process and help improve person-centered planning, community membership, and employment opportunities for individuals across Ohio.

The 2022 series features two great offerings to help support your journey of connections, relationships, and innovation.

  1. Innovation Spotlight
  2. Innovation Tuesdays