Strategic Change

Strategic Change: Doing Better Together

Steve Cady

In a world of constant change, many people are looking for new ways to move beyond all this craziness and find better ways of working together. Our aim in this session is to help you strategically transform your organization, revitalize your community, and develop the potential of the people you work with and serve. Strategic change focuses on ways to engage all stakeholders in crafting a future together. 

Meaningful change requires meaningful conversations – leading to better results than any one person can achieve alone. At the heart of this notion is the fundamental belief that people are wise. When engaged effectively, solutions are more innovative, energizing, long-term, and motivating. An important by-product of collaboration is the replacement of resistance to change with a commitment to action where people support and defend that which they helped to create. 

Join us as we explore the frontier of your change practice focused on helping you apply evidence-based strategic change tools and processes, drawn from the best methods used around the world.

Steve Cady

Steve Cady, Ph.D., is strongly committed to using cutting-edge approaches that inspire system-wide change in organizations, by pursuing research and practice that unleashes passion at the individual and whole system levels. He is a graduate faculty member at Bowling Green State University where he serves as the director of the Doctorate & Master of Organization Development Programs and director of the Institute for Organizational Effectiveness. He has also served as the chief editor for the Organization Development Journal.