2021 Transformation Series

2021 Transformation Series – #MovingForwardTogether

This year, the Provider Transformation Summit is transforming into the 2021 Provider Transformation Series – a collection of resources and online events that assist providers, county boards, families, individuals, and others to think about and move from facility to community-minded supports.  

This change in format allows the concept of transformation to be considered from multiple points of view, as well as giving us all a chance to come to a fuller understanding of what makes actual provider transformation successful. Many times, it is not about making big moves, but the daily actions providers and others take toward supporting people where they are to where they want to go. During the 2020/21 Pandemic, of course, everyone involved in the service system had to reinvent supports and the way they are provided, to maintain health and safety, as well as to support meaningful routines. This lived experience helps all of us appreciate the necessity of transformation and how it starts and succeeds with attention to how programs are organized and perceived by the DSPs and managers running them, as well as the individuals and families who depend on them.  

The 2021 Provider Transformation Series has been designed to allow everyone interested in the subject matter a variety of formats and styles so individual and organizational needs and expectations can be met. It provides an opportunity for stakeholders to gather and share ideas, strategies, and practices that will assist them as they move through the systems change process and help improve person-centered planning, community membership, and employment opportunities for individuals across Ohio.

The 2021 series features two great offerings to help support your continued transformation journey:

  1. Transformation Talks
  2. Transformation Tuesdays