The Journey Webinar Gallery

Transition Assessment and Transition Planning for Youth with Lifelong Needs

October 26, 2020

A brief overview of tools and processes to assist a youth, family and multiagency team gather meaningful information about the youth as well as the youth’s goals and support needs for the future.

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Moving Towards Self-Reliance: Technology and Practice

September 28, 2020

A brief review of several everyday technology resources and evidence based instructional practices that support transition age youth to gain more skill and engage in more independent activities

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The Journey - Resource Sharing Webinar Four

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The Journey - Resource Sharing Webinar Three

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The Journey - Resource Sharing Webinar Two

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The Journey - Resource Sharing Webinar One

Discovering a Vision provides a number of resources and tools that CBDD School Staff and partners can use in working with students and families to establish a vision for the journey into adulthood

Presented by Keith Banner, Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Community Life Engagement Project Manager