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Functional Behavior Assessment for Youth with Complex Needs – Beyond A-B-C

March 28, 2022

Presenter: Chris Filler, OCALI Special Projects Manager, Multi-System Initiatives, Co-Manager Multi-System Navigation Center

Youth with complex and intensive needs often present with distressed behaviors that are difficult to understand. A Functional Behavior Assessment or FBA is helpful to determine the root cause of these behaviors, however, the assessment must take into multiple factors. Join us for a discussion of the type of FBA that goes below the surface and beyond the typical Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence model. Resources to assist in this process will be introduced.

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Why Behaviors Occur: A Quick Reference to Assist in Planning

Charting the LifeCourse Tools for Transition Assessment and Planning

February 28, 2022

Presenter: Jenna Allen, OCALI Transition to Adulthood Consultant and LifeCourse Ambassador

Charting the LifeCourse is a simple and effective framework to help individuals and families of all abilities and all ages develop a vision for a good life, think about what they need to know and do, identify how to find or develop supports, and discover what it takes to live the lives they want to live. Discover how the information surfaced using these tools can inform transition assessment and assessment planning.

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Using our MAP to Guide Transition-Aged Students in their Journey to Achieve Post-School Outcomes

January 24 27, 2021

Presenters: Kitty Kromer, Transition Coordinator, Columbiana County ESC; Sarah Trout, MRC, CRC, Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities

Follow the journey of one multi-agency county-based team as they collaborate to empower youth and young adults with disabilities in their transition from school to adulthood. The presenters will share highlights of the services and programs from middle school through age 22 available in the county’s schools and programs.

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What Educators Need (and Want) to Know About Medications

November 29, 2021

Presenters: Dr. Sara Dugan, PHARM.D., BCPP, BCPS, Associate Professor Psychiatry, Northeast Ohio Medical University

Many youth today are using medications to assist in their ability to function more successfully in the home, school and community. While medications can be a positive support for learning and participating in school activities, side effects can occur that range from mild discomfort to very serious. It is important for educators to understand the intended positive outcomes of medication use, as well as the unintended side effects that can occur. Dr. Sara Dugan offers insights into frequently prescribed medications and what teachers should be aware of as they teach and support students using these medications.

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Creating the Perfect Storm: Developing Meaningful Vocational Experiences for Youth with Complex Needs

October 25, 2021

Presenters: Kathy Kleiser and Josh Welhener, Transition Coordinators with the Greene County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Developing vocational experiences for students with developmental disabilities, including youth with complex needs, requires attention and planning to a variety of important areas. Explore the importance of starting early, the relationship between work experiences and self-determination, and making the experiences intentional and authentic leading to paid employment. Gain insights into the important of collaborating with families and community agencies for successful employment outcomes.

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Practices to Enhance Family Engagement

September 27, 2021

Families and caregivers play an integral role in every students transition to adulthood. Research shows when educators and other professionals use a variety of tools and strategies to inform, prepare, and engage families, our students have better adult life outcomes. In this Journey webinar, Tom Capretta from The Ohio State University Statewide Family Engagement Center discusses the research around family engagement, how to implement these into your professional work, and tools to refresh your agency’s family engagement activities.

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Get Acquainted with OCALI Resources

August 30, 2021

“It’s the best kept secret.” “Wonderful resources that are practical and research and evidenced-based.”

That’s how a few people describe OCALI’s resources. Whether you’re an avid user or looking to learn more, take a tour of the OCALI website to learn about various resources and tools for professionals and family members, many of which are free. Uncover information that will support your needs and assist transition youth with complex needs and their families.

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”What I Wish I Knew Then”: Parent Perspective Following High School

May 17, 2021

Parents of young adults with complex support needs offer insights and considerations after experiencing life after high school. This panel discussion is an authentic dialogue providing educators, SSAs, OOD counselors, families and others awareness of what was most helpful during the school years and what else might have been more helpful in order to prepare for the future.

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Trauma and Youth with Complex Needs

April 19, 2021

Youth with complex support needs often experience high levels of trauma that may not be easily recognized. This webinar will review the source of trauma that many youth with complex needs will encounter, potential impact of the trauma and resources to assist to support the youth and family.

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Assistive Technology and Youth with Complex Support Needs: Resources and Considerations

March 22, 2021

Ever wonder if the students you support could benefit from AT? Do you have a student who uses AT currently or used AT in the past and it no longer seems to provide the needed support? This webinar will provide an overview of AT with a focus on transition age students with the most complex needs. Resources will be provided to expand your knowledge on how to consider, assess, and implement AT. Participants will also learn about a free AT virtual training program and other opportunities provided specifically for Ohio county board of developmental disability staff by the AT&AEM Center, funded by the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council under the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act.

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Targeting Meaningful Curriculum for Transition Age Youth with Complex Needs

February 22, 2021

Academic and transition skills can come together to weave a strong foundation for transition age youth. The key in weaving the strongest foundations lies in the design of meaningful and individualized curriculum. Prior to and during transition years in school, it is important to provide equitable access to content knowledge that is presented in life-applied lessons and activities while weaving in transition skills.

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Supporting Positive Behavior: The Ziggurat Model

January 11, 2021

Learn about the Ziggurat Model and how using this approach can facilitate a team to create proactive, positive supports to address challenging behaviors for youth with complex support needs.

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Self-Determination and Youth with Complex Support Needs

November 30, 2020

A discussion of considerations for addressing self-determination of youth with complex support needs. A brief review of resources to begin to address self determination skills will also be provided during the webinar.

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Transition Assessment and Transition Planning for Youth with Lifelong Needs

October 26, 2020

A brief overview of tools and processes to assist a youth, family and multiagency team gather meaningful information about the youth as well as the youth’s goals and support needs for the future.

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Moving Towards Self-Reliance: Technology and Practice

September 28, 2020

A brief review of several everyday technology resources and evidence based instructional practices that support transition age youth to gain more skill and engage in more independent activities

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The Journey - Resource Sharing Webinar Four

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The Journey - Resource Sharing Webinar Three

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The Journey - Resource Sharing Webinar Two

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The Journey - Resource Sharing Webinar One

Discovering a Vision provides a number of resources and tools that CBDD School Staff and partners can use in working with students and families to establish a vision for the journey into adulthood

Presented by Keith Banner, Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Community Life Engagement Project Manager