Self Employment

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Self-Employment is those individuals who operate their own business with or without supports.

Reporting Period 2019 shows that there were 39 people self-employed.

Those Self-Employed were making an average of $9.22 an hour and working an average of 12.15 hours a week.

The bubble chart below shows the different types of occupations that someone Self-Employed had during the 2019 Reporting Period. 

Most people (36.84%) were working in an occupation that involves "Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance" or "Sales and Related" type jobs. 

15.79% were working in "Food Preparation and Servicing Related" occupations. 

There were 5.26% of jobs in the "Office and Administrative Support" and "Production".

The visualization below breakdowns the hours and wages for each self-employment job.

These bar charts represent the number of jobs and not the distinct count of individuals. 

For Reporting Period 2019, the majority of people were working 1-10 hours a week and were making minimum wage. 

The hours ranged from less than 1 hour a week to over 45 hours, and the wages ranged from $1.00 up to $35.

The overall statewide average for those Self-Employed made $9.22 an hour and worked 12.15 hours a week.