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The Outcome Tracking System (OTS) application replaced the Employment First Outcome Tracking System (EF OTS) in October 2019.

The OTS application captures how people who receive developmental disabilities services are spending their days.

OTS provides valuable data that will allow us to better understand what is happening for people with developmental disabilities in Ohio. It asks questions about:

  • Employment
    • People’s Place on the Path to Community Employment (PPCE)
    • Job Type
    • Average wages per hour/average hours per week
    • Benefits
    • Transportation
  • Community-Based Non-Work Services
    • Hours spent in the community
  • Facility-Based Non-Work Services
    • Hours spent in a facility

The information captured within OTS will allow the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) to align policies, procedures, and legislation that will help improve how people live, work, play, and thrive in their communities.

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As indicated on the map shown below, there were 40,227 people that were pulled into the OTS application for the 2019 Reporting Period. This map shows what counties those individuals resided in.

Individuals were pulled into the OTS application if they resided in an Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) or received an Adult Day or Employment Service. 

The darker the color of the county indicates that there are more people in that county represented in the 2019 Reporting Period. 

For Reporting Period 2019, you can see with this visualization that there were 14,437 people or 50.52% employed, and 14,138 people or 49.48% not employed.

The OTS application allows us to understand how people are spending their days.

Of the 14,436 individuals within Reporting Period 2019 that are employed:

57.63% had a Facility-Based job;

33.13% had an Individual Competitive job;

16.02% had a Group Integrated job and;

Less than 1% were Self-Employed.

This visualization shows the break down of each job category and the respective hours and wages for Reporting Period 2019.

Individuals in Facility-Based work earned an average of $5.28 per hour and worked an average of 11.05 hours per week.

For those working in a Group Integrated job, they averaged 13.33 hours per week and $8.02 an hour.

Individuals working in an Individual Competitive job earned $10.49 an hour and worked an average of 20.34 hours per week.

Those Self-Employed worked 12.15 hours per week earning on average $9.22 per hour.