2020 Blueprint Group

Adult Day and Employment Services have evolved rapidly in Ohio in the past few years. Provider organizations are changing programs and practices as they respond to multiple and complex demands from federal and state authorities, advocacy organizations, and people with disabilities and their families. To build on our progress, the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities will convene a representative group of planners to help us design strategy steps going forward.

The Blueprint for Adult Day and Employment Services Work Group will be convening from January 2020 to December 2020 and is advisory to Director Jeff Davis at the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities on the subject of improving adult day support services, transportation services, and strengthening competitive, integrated employment outcomes for individuals with developmental disabilities served in Ohio.

This work group represents all sectors of the developmental disabilities field, including individuals served, their families, and other supporting systems in Ohio. We understand the importance to communicate this work to all of our stakeholders and will ensure we share meeting updates publicly on a regular basis.

The Blueprint Group's charge will be to generate a report with recommendations by December 31, 2020 that advises the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities on implementation strategies to improve adult day support services and competitive, integrated employment outcomes. 

Blueprint Group Membership List

Blueprint Group Meeting Minutes and Resources