The 2020 Transformation Summit is a two-day event that will bring together attendees so they can communicate what they expect from each other, and to clarify what we all need to do in order to make the changes toward sustained, innovative, and thriving community-based supports. Throughout the event, attendees will work directly with transformation subject matter experts (SMEs), meet Building Innovative Service Model Grant Recipients, and hear a panel discussion featuring Ohioans served and family members. The two-day event will culminate in a concrete set of action steps and tasks leaders and implementers can use to drive their continued efforts in systems transformation.

Morning coffee, snacks, and a working lunch are included to help fuel the conversations, discussions, and planning. 

Who Should Attend?

  • Teams from DODD-certified agency providers who are certified to provide any of the HCBS Adult Day and Employment Services.
    • Executive directors
    • CEOs / Business leaders
    • Financial directors
    • Managers
    • Direct support professional
    • Implementers of mission and visions
  • SSAs and other county board staff that support provider transformation of services.
  • Team members who see themselves functioning as “leaders” and/or “implementers." This may include:
    • Board members
    • Family members
    • People with disabilities

What are “Leaders” and “Service Implementers”?

The main point is: developing a team to come to the Summit interested in learning about how to make transformation matter. Every organization and agency have different styles, scales, and scopes of how they administrate and deliver supports, but there are some keys roles that need to be in place to ensure policy and practice go hand in hand. 

“Leaders” for the Summit can include executive directors, CEOs, and financial directors – people in charge of ensuring that the agency is in compliance and has strategic goals in place to ensure it will sustain the mission. 

“Service Implementers” can include managers, direct support professionals, and anyone else tasked with implementing the mission and putting the vision into action. 

Location: Quest Conference Center

8405 Pulsar Place
Columbus, Ohio 43240