Sustaining the Core and Implementation Teams

There are some basic processes the Team can put in place in order to sustain the membership of the Core and Implementation Teams. Some items to consider:

  • Have a ‘term of service’ for Core and Implementation members, for example, 1 year, 2 years
  • Have a process for replacing team members, for example, an application or nomination process
  • Stagger the ‘terms of service’ to get started, so that not all members will be new at any given time
  • Have a process for replacing team members who leave during their term of service, for example, the person leaving proposes another colleague from their system to serve
  • An alternate way to replace members is to make serving on the Team a routine duty of the position, for example, the CBDD SSA. That way, if someone leaves, the next person hired in that position knows they automatically becomes a member of the Team
  • In reference to the above bullet point, connecting membership on the Team to specific positions is an item that could be included in an interagency agreement