Developing the Goal Components of the Plan Progress Monitoring Method

The Progress Monitoring Method must also be determined up front and often is a repeat or reprise of how the Baseline data were established. Some questions to consider in regards to choosing a method for gathering. How will the data for the Baseline and Progress Benchmark be gathered? Does a tool for gathering the data need to be developed or adapted? The tool used for gathering both the Baseline and Progress Benchmark data should be the same, such as a pre- and post- survey. It is wise to gather and review data along the way instead of only at the end point of implementing a goal. That way the Team can review and analyze the data and make mid-course corrections or revisions as needed.

Some tips for determining a method to gather and analyze data used to monitor progress:

  • Keep the method for gathering the data simple and straightforward
  • Think logically about how to keep track of and when to report progress
  • Assign gathering and compiling data to a specific team member
  • Set a time within the Core Team meeting agenda to regularly analyze data
  • Decide upfront how the Team will determine if and when some course correction is necessary
  • Make any revisions to data methods in a timely manner if what the Team initially decided to do is not working as imagined or is not providing the ‘right’ data for making decisions.


Download the Data Useful for Decision Making Example 1 PDF

Download the Data Useful for Decision Making Example 2 PDF