Consensus and Closure

The experience of coming to consensus about the shared purpose and values for the work will sustain the Team in crafting and guiding the implementation of goals and strategies that promote and stay true to the Vision. As a Team, continually stay focused on what needs to be accomplished to improve adult outcomes for transition youth. It's easy to lose sight of this Vision when dealing with the day-to-day hassles that plague all organizations. The Vision provides a beacon for the Team’s collective values and beliefs, to help stay the course, even when daily responsibilities demand attention.

Sight is what your eyes produce. Vision is what your heart produces. Never let what you see affect your vision.
Shandren Reddy

The Implementation Team will need the same experience of Visioning to feel ownership of and support for the Team’s strategic plan. It is recommended that the Core Team replicate the Visioning process with the Implementation Team. Experiencing the process of developing a Vision statement affords everyone the opportunity to think about the Team’s work as belonging to all of them collectively and each of them individually. It's common sense: people are more likely to rally with more enthusiasm around something they have a hand in developing.

Bring closure to the Visioning process by briefly discussing the following questions:

  • Does this Vision change what we set out to do? If so, in what ways? If so, is that good?
  • Was this Team already pretty much of one mind concerning the Vision? In what ways?
  • Will the Implementation Team alight on a compatible Vision?
  • Have we considered the right people/right affiliations for the Implementation Team?