2017 Assessment- University of Cincinnati Stakeholder Report

2017 Assessment- University of Cincinnati Stakeholder Report:

In Fiscal Year 2016/2017, the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) contracted with The University of Cincinnati Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCCEDD) to gather feedback and input from key stakeholders throughout the State of Ohio. Stakeholders included a) individuals with developmental disabilities (to be identified from this point forward as self-advocates), b) family members/guardians and c) service providers and county board staff/professionals. The three topic areas of focus were 1) person-centered planning, 2) Ohio’s Employment First Initiative and 3) services and supports needed for community life engagement. Data were collected via 1) statewide, in-person, public stakeholder forums across the state, 2) key informant interviews with individuals living with developmental disabilities and staff at DODD Developmental Centers and 3) through a statewide online survey. These findings have been  incorporated into Phase II and Phase III planning.  

UCCEDD coordinated and facilitated a total of ten (10) public meetings in five (5) regions of Ohio and one web-based survey.

Public Meetings:

  • Cleveland/Northeast (NE)
  • Toledo/Northwest (NW)
  • Columbus/Central (CC) 
  • Jackson/Southeast (SE)
  • Cincinnati/Southwest (SW).

In each region, two forums were held; one in the morning and one in the evening to ensure that the greatest number of people could be reached and attend the forum sessions.

A total of 209 key stakeholders attended the forums, including 23 (10%) identifying as self-advocates, 63 (27%) identifying as family members and/or guardians and 148 (63%) identifying as professionals.

Web-based Survey

A total of 1,005 individuals completed the online survey. Of all survey respondents, 34 (3%) identified as self-advocates, 364 (36%) identified as family members/caregivers, 592 (58%) identified as professionals and 26 (3%) preferred to not disclose. Survey respondents represented 80 of Ohio’s 88 counties.


2017 UC Stakeholder Report Findings and Recommendations

Person-Centered Planning

  • Increase Education for Family Members and Self-Advocates on the Person-Centered Planning Process
  • Continue Education and Provide Ongoing Guidance for Professionals on the Person-Centered Planning Process
  • Increase Focus on Person-Centered Planning to Allow Appropriate Time and Resources for the Development of an Individualized Person-Centered Plan for Each Client

Employment First Implementation

  • Continue to develop local job opportunities
  • Increase opportunities to build upon existing job skills for career development
  • Set realistic expectations
  • Provide longer-term supports to maintain jobs
  • Provide continued training for service provides on job development, job coaching and career development.
  • Provide information and training for employers on employment of people with disabilities.

Improved Community Life Engagement 

  • Improve communication about community engagement, services and supports between professionals, family members and self-advocates
  • Continue to develop local job opportunities
  • Increase opportunities for social interactions and social life in the community for people with developmental disabilities
  • Improve training and expectations and increase pay for direct service professionals
  • Develop innovative transportation options for people with developmental disabilities

Full summary report can be found here