Strategic Planning

Ohio’s Employment First Taskforce agreed: Meaningful work has significant benefits for all working age adults, including people with developmental disabilities. People with developmental disabilities have the right to make informed decisions about where they work, and to have opportunities to obtain community jobs that result in greater earnings, better benefits, improved health and enhanced quality of life. In addition, meaningful employment offers individuals with developmental disabilities the opportunity to bolster self-esteem, expand their network of natural supports, make friends, and demonstrate their professional abilities in a public setting. These benefits all contribute to the diversity of our workforce and enrichment of our community.

Ohio’s Vision: working-age adults…working. And to achieve this, an array of services and supports that help people get jobs, keep jobs, get better jobs, get to and from jobs, and have meaningful lives outside their jobs. Ohio recognizes there are times people don’t or won’t work: people retire, get sick, get fired, quit, have setbacks, and even times when the people supporting them just can’t figure out what kind of job they could do. Services and supports are available during those times as well, to help people understand their options, discover ways to contribute, connect and participate meaningfully in their communities.

Ohio's Priorities

  • Person-centered planning- Ohio requires person-centered planning to be used in developing all Individual Service Plans (ISP). ISPs should include outcomes and services and supports that reflect a balance of what is important to and for people
  • Community Employment-Through Executive Order and Administrative Rule, Ohio has established community employment as the priority service and preferred outcome for working-age adults. Employment must be addressed in every person-centered plan
  • Community Membership-Ohio has established standards to ensure that home and community-based services waivers administered by the Ohio department of developmental disabilities maximize opportunities for enrolled individuals to access the benefits of community living and receive services in the most integrated setting