Systems Change Target Areas

Provider agencies across Ohio are engaged in the systems change process to ensure services and support prioritize person-centered planning, community membership, and community employment opportunities for individuals across Ohio. The systems change process includes five target areas:

  1. Assessment - A provider organization has an insightful process instituted around figuring out the person’s current needs, interests, and skills. This process seamlessly pulls together all aspects of a person’s life, abilities, and ambitions, helping to provide essential information to planning for meaningful community integration and employment. This person-centered approach to doing business is reflected in the organization’s strategic plan, supporting the agency’s move toward more innovative community-based and integrated supports and services.
  2. Planning - A provider organization has a streamlined and effective strategic planning process to move their organization into person-centered, community-based services. This process begins with a positive and possible vision of the organization’s future, and works backwards to help figure out how the provider’s supports and organizational structure can increase the likelihood of meaningful community integration and employment.
  3. Implementation - A provider organization shows that its staff and leadership are adept at providing community-based supports in such a way that many of the supports they are providing yield tangible, beneficial outcomes, including meaningful community connections and employment opportunities that match each person’s skills and interests.
  4. Evaluation - A provider organization evaluates the supports it provides in a meaningful way – utilizing evaluation methods that help the staff and leadership of the organization, as well as the person, learn whether the supports provided contributed to meaningful outcomes, such as a job in the community, or opportunities to volunteer or network with peers without disabilities.
  5. Service Innovation - A provider organization’s community-based supports and services are so well conceived and implemented that they provide a model of practice, and help staff, leadership, the person, and members of the community rethink what a program can do and be.

These Provider Sites were selected for demonstrated excellence in one of the 5 target areas. Participants in the At-A-Glance Site Visits are encouraged to visit sites that best match their current status in the systems change process. Contact a DODD support person if you need assistance in selecting your target area.