Employment Navigation

The State Employment Leadership Network (SELN) Guidance for Conversations 

This resource is intended for case managers to identify and design pathways towards community employment through guided conversations. Guided conversations help people process information, draw their own conclusions, and make their own decisions. The ultimate goal of guided conversations is to identify and design a person’s pathway towards rewarding employment The guide describes a series of pathways that the SELN felt reflects most people’s current circumstances and understanding of community employment. Each pathway is defined and questions for exploration and discovery are provided for case managers to implement guided conversations into their work.

Guidance for Conversations


Guidance for Conversations Worksheets 

Each section of the Guidance has an accompanying worksheet. They can be used to record the information collected during your conversations with the individual. Completed worksheets can be kept in the person’s file and used to inform their plan and future actions. We encourage you to share them with individuals, families and other agency support staff. The worksheets are an excellent way to keep each team member informed and guide their actions.

Worksheets are found at the end of the Guidance for Conversations document. Below are individual files you may download and use. 

Starting the Conversation Worksheet

Focusing on the Destination Worksheet

Career Success Worksheet

Employment Navigation

Employment Navigation is a billable function under Targeted Case Management where Service and Support Administrators (SSAs) can assist in the planning, authorizing, and monitoring of employment supports for job-seekers with developmental disabilities in their local communities.


Employment Navigation Technical Assistance Liaison Project

The Employment Navigation Technical Assistance Liaisons (ENTAL) Project is a collaborative initiative among the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, Ohio Association of County Boards, and Regional System Partners (school districts, Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities, Ohio Means Jobs, and others). The main purpose behind the project is to help build capacity and a network of support for Service and Support Administrators (SSAs) in County Boards functioning as Employment Navigators.

Employment Navigation Training

Please use this link to access an index of online and in-person training opportunities for Service and Support Administrations who function as Employment Navigators. 

Employment Navigation Resource Guide

Please use this link to access the Employment Navigation Resource Guide that includes an Employment Navigation discussion guide, links to resources, and a list of frequently asked questions concerning the Employment Navigation Technical Assistance Liaison Project.


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