Provider Support Tools

Work Experience Guide - February, 2015
This guide explains the Path to Community Employment and information about work experiences as a way to prepare individuals for integrated employment

Volunteering, Internships, and Unpaid Work Experiences: Legal and Practical Guidelines - December 2019
This is a working document created by the State Employment Leadership Network that explains the rules and guidelines regarding volunteering, internships, and unpaid work experiences when supporting an individual in finding competitive employment.

Career Discovery: Exploring What it Takes for Employment Success

Career Discovery Guide - February 2015
This is a tool regarding the Career Discovery process and includes examples of career discovery profiles, information about conducting a career discovery team meeting and a variety of ways to gather information about an individual to assist in employment planning.

Career Discovery Tools, pdf format - February 2015
Career Discovery Tools, chapter format - February 2015
This offers a detailed description of a discovery process and includes examples of different resources to be used to inform the employment process.

Employment First Fact Sheet, pdf format August 2014
Employment First Fact Sheet, word format August 2014
This is a general fact sheet about the Employment First Initiative that can be shared with employers and businesses.