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Presenters and Consultants

Tranformative Consulting Group:

Tranformative Consulting Group is subsidiary of Opportunity Services headquartered near the twin cities in Minnesota. Tranformative Consulting offers techincal assistance around converting traditional facility based services to those delivered in the community. Nancy Gurney is an ODEP subject matter expert and CEO of Opportunity Services overseeing operations in Minnesota, Florida and Massachusetts.

Transformative will be delivering a four part web series on topics related to Integrated Community Supports. Please find the webseries archived below, along with powerpoint slides and question & answer documents from each of the live webinars.

TCG Webseries 1 of 4 "Meaningful Day" 3.11.15
Recorded Webinar below.
To View the PowerPoint slides click HERE!
The Q and A Document click HERE!

TCG Webseries 2 of 4 "Capacity Building, Focusing on Front Line Staff" 3.25.15
For the recorded Webinar Click HERE!
To View the PowerPoint slides Click HERE!
The Q and A Document Coming Soon

TCG Webseries 3 of 4 "Agency Structure for Integrated Services" 4.22.15
For the recorded Webinar Coming Soon
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The Q and A Document Coming Soon

TCG Webseries 4 of 4 "Facility Based Transformation" 5.6.15
For the recorded Webinar Coming Soon
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The Q and A Document Coming Soon


KFI, is a private community service provider for individuals with disabilities in Maine for more than 50 years. KFI began their organization transformation process way back in 1985 and as of 1996 they ended all center based services. KFI now provides all of their services 100% in the community. Below is a recorded webinar with Gail Fanjoy, current CEO of KFI, and James Meehan, former CEO of KFI.

University of Vermont Center on Disability and Community Inclusion (CDCI):

Bryan Dague is another Project: Transformation ODEP Subject Matter Expert. He is consulting for Darke County Board of DD. Bryan works for the University of Vermont Center on Disability and Community Inclusion (CDCI). He has also been instrumental in Vermont APSE's Conversion Institute.

  • PATH Strategic Planning - PATH stands for Planning Alternative Tommorrows through Hope. This tools was developed by Jack Pearpoint, John O'Brien & Marsha Forest (1994).
  • Interview with Dottie - This video clip is of Dottie, the mother of an adult with developmental disabilities and a former board member of a non profit sheltered workshop, from Vermont. Dottie reflects on the positive change she has seen in her daughter's life and in her own thinking regarding community based services for people with disabilities.
    "I will tell you, in all honesty, I was the most negative parent and board member of the whole idea when we decided to go from sheltered workshop to community" - Dottie

Dale Dileo Consulting:

Link to the website


TransCen, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that since 1986 has been developing creative and innovative projects in school to work transition, education systems change, and employment for people with disabilities. Transcen, Inc. recently conducted a webinar on Meaningful Day Services: Putting People on the Path to Success. This webinar generated a lot of questions. Click to read both the questions and answers from Sara the presenter.

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