Community Employment Resource Map

Morrow County

The Morrow County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Morrow DD) serves individuals who work in retail, agriculture, clerical, stocking shelves, unloading products, and food service.

Morrow DD assists individuals in finding services like job exploration and other work related experiences through a partnerships with other counties. They also utilize a person centered discovery process and have a strong relationship with their Employment First counselor, through the DODD-OOD Partnership. Morrow DD also has staff members dedicated to working with the local school districts to assist youth transitioning from school to adult services. They have relationships with several other local organizations, including the Morrow County Fair Board.

Longevity has been one mark of success for individuals with developmental disabilities in Morrow County. One individual has been in her position for over 26 years and another has been in his position for over 15 years. These individuals have proven to be valuable employees and have paved the way for additional individuals with developmental disabilities to obtain employment.

Support from the local community has been very influential regarding community employment success. The Employment First initiative has provided guidance and other resources to Morrow DD, like the Employment First counselors. The counselors have been paramount to the success and helping families understand community employment opportunities.