Community Employment Resource Map

Morgan County

As a small rural county, Morgan maintains relationships with several local businesses to provide employment opportunities for the individuals they serve. Some of these positions include customer service, maintenance, construction, clerical, and health care. Burr Oak, a state park located in Morgan County, is one of their largest employers and is very supportive. Morgan County adopted an Employment First Policy in 2013 and recently opened a stand-alone office for community employment. With broad support from the county board, they have worked to become a strong proponent of community integration in the workplace. Morgan County is part of imagine, which has a strong person centered planning focus, supporting individuals to discover their interests and strengths.

One individual’s career in the health care industry is just an example of a strong person-centered job match. This individual knew she wanted to work with the elderly in her community, and even though she was not a licensed STNA (state-tested nursing assistant), she and her support team were persistent, and developed a relationship with Quality of Life to adapt a position that would suit her skills and passion.  She currently works in home health and is able to pursue her desire to serve those in later adulthood.

To help with their ambitious goals related to integrated employment, Morgan County collaborates with other agencies. For example, they have a very strong relationship with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities and meet regularly with their OOD Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. To enhance and grow these partnerships, they have staff members who serve on the board of the local Chamber of Commerce and have hosted events for the Chamber to network and generate awareness.

The commitment of both administration and staff to community employment in Morgan County has been a driving factor of their success. They build relationships with the individuals they serve and their families to best support them in finding community employment.