Community Employment Resource Map

Carroll County

In Carroll County, a number of individuals are working in the community at a variety of employment positions, including the child care industry, food service and animal care. Even though they are a small county, The Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Carroll DD) has worked closely with the community to develop these job opportunities.

Carroll DD promotes Employment First through networking, newsletters, and staff trainings. They are continuing to develop supported employment opportunities in maintenance and landscaping. There is also a volunteer program for individuals to serve at various businesses. "Project More" is another volunteer opportunity for individuals with DD to work with children in kindergarten-4th grade , to improve reading skills.

Job Exploration Training (JET), a transition program in Carroll County, assists transition-age youth to explore community employment opportunities. JET works with five different businesses to provide training in a bakery, health department, restaurant service and landscaping. The high school program allows students to work during the week.

One individual wanted to work with children but had been unsuccessful. Carroll DD staff worked to find a placement at Head Start as a bus aide. Since finding a job, she is more positive, confident, and a better employee because she is committed to her job. She is even working towards getting certified in the future to become a teacher's aide as she continues to advance in her career.

Support from leadership is one of the largest influences on Carroll DD's supported employment success. Leaders are willing and able to support creative solution for potential barriers which have allowed more individuals to find community employment.