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The Journey: A Suite of Resources

The Journey: Webinars

Welcome to The Journey Webinars!

The Transition from School to Adult Life is an ongoing journey. Youth with complex and unique needs often require teams to have access to a variety of tools, resources, and people to plan and prepare for the future.

These webinars are designed to enhance the transition process and practices of County Board of Developmental Disabilities School transition staff as they plan The Journey with youth, families. and agency partners.

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The Advocates Journey to Being Heard

May 20, 2024 at 2:30 pm

Presenters: Stew Jones, Diana Mairose, and Jason Harris

Hear from a panel of advocates as they share their journey to finding their voice and having it be heard at local, state, and federal levels. They will discuss the importance of teaching self-advocacy skills to the younger generation and lessons they have learned along the way.

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