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The Journey: A Suite of Resources

The Journey: Toolkits

The Journey: Toolkits is a self-paced professional learning suite for County Board of Developmental Disabilities (CBDD) Schools, similar educational programs serving youth with complex needs, and any other school looking to improve their transition practices.

The content and topics of the toolkits originated from a two-year long project with a handful of CBDD Schools in Ohio. Their journey started with developing a Core Team, or commonly known as a Building Leadership Team (BLT), to complete a self-assessment on their transition knowledge and practices. Following their conversations about the strengths and barriers in their school, they built their knowledge in the following key areas:

  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Family Engagement
  • Multi-Agency Planning and Partnerships
  • Age-Appropriate Transition Assessment and Adult Life Visioning


Many participating professionals experienced immediate positive impacts by using consistent, research-based transition planning tools and processes. This is what some of the participants had to say about the benefits they saw after completing the toolkits:

“I think going through the different tools available and deciding as a team what the whole team will use and focus on was of great benefit.”

“The development of assessment tools and data collection for transition age youth work experiences will better help us serve each student.”

“The greatest benefit for our team was building a consistent plan for preparing for transition services.”

“We have continued to build our team through bringing in different representation from different agencies. This has allowed us to pull from different experiences and knowledgebase.”

Are you new to The Journey: Toolkits?

Please start with exploring the Core Team Toolkit to understand who should be included in this professional learning and how to get started. The toolkit will take you through some activities to build your Core Team, assess your team’s transition knowledge and practices, and begin learning about the topics within the Transition Basics Toolkit.

Once you’ve prioritized one of the four foundational topics, you’ll Extend Your Knowledge in that area by completing that topic’s toolkit.

Are you simply looking to improve your professional practices regarding transition?

Start with the Transition Basics Toolkit to develop knowledge in the four foundational topics. Then you can pick a topic or two to Extend Your Knowledge to help further understand and implement best practices with your students.