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The Journey: A Suite of Resources

Extend Your Knowledge

Once a team has completed the Transition Basics Toolkit, it is recommended that they use the Extend Your Knowledge Toolkits below. Each toolkit includes a set of activities and guiding questions to help the team engage in deeper learning for each of the topics listed in Transition Basics. Many school teams have minimal time available to meet as a team. These toolkits can be completed both individually or as a group. For example, your team may choose to watch the videos individually prior to meeting so your time together can focus on discussing your notes and completing a review of your school’s practices. However, teams may choose to watch videos together and jump right into discussion and reflection. Please choose the learning pathway that best fit the needs for you and/or your team.

  • Each toolkit begins with the Awareness Activities from the Transition Basics Toolkit. Team members that have not completed the Awareness Activities will need to begin there.
  • The Extend Your Knowledge sections can be completed in 90-minute Core Team meetings together. Or, if you do not have 90 minutes, your team can review materials and watch videos in advance to focus your time together on discussion and next steps.
  • During the activities when the team is meeting together:
    • Identify one person for each meeting to facilitate the discussion to keep the conversation moving or get back on track.
    • Identify a notetaker that will capture important information, questions, and plans for next steps.