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Innovation Spotlight

Roundtable Discussions

Recorded roundtables highlight how innovation must include all stakeholders in the process for the transformation to matter and sustain itself.

Ohio Leaders Roundtable (2021)

Discover the power of self-advocacy and future goals in this dynamic discussion. Panelist share their visions and personal journeys, including efforts to improve culinary skills, engagement in public speaking, and fostering advocacy initiatives. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is also addressed, with insights into how technology played a role in maintaining connections and activities.

Throughout the discussion, the overarching message underscores the significance of self-advocacy, community involvement, and ongoing initiatives to promote inclusivity and accessibility.

Ohio Families Roundtable (2021)

Learn from Ohio families on their journey supporting loved ones with developmental disabilities to become active community members. Discover the importance of service innovation through small steps, personalized support, and community engagement. Each panelist shares their unique experiences, highlighting the vision they have for their loved ones, and the barriers they encountered along the way. These stories underscore the significance of nurturing individual strengths, passions, and integrated support.

Subject Matter Experts Roundtable (2021)

This roundtable discussion features subject matter experts in transformation as they discuss reimagining support for individuals with developmental disabilities. Learn key strategies for fostering inclusive communities, effective partnerships, and overcoming challenges in the disability services field. Discover how to navigate the complexities of transformation and build a brighter future for all.

Ohio Leaders and Innovating Providers Roundtable (2020)

Join Ohio’s leading voices in developmental disabilities services for an enlightening roundtable discussion. Ohio leaders share their experiences, visions, and the impact of Charting the LifeCourse Tools. Then hear about the transformational journeys of five Ohio agencies that received Building Innovative Service Model Grants. Learn how they’ve redefined support and continue to pave the way for innovation in Ohio.

Overcoming Barriers Roundtable (2020)

First, hear about the Policy to Practice work group focusing on enhancing supports for individuals significantly impacted by disabilities related to communication, behavior, and sensory needs. Then, Mary Thompson Hufford, CEO of the Fuse Network, shares the journey from traditional service delivery to a person-centered approach, emphasizing the value of uniqueness and the need to create meaningful community relationships. This roundtable inspires viewers to overcome their fears and embrace positive change.