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Innovation Spotlight

Spotlight Series

Innovation honors the relationships created among people being supported and people providing the supports. Innovation is created and sustained by using those relationships and shared experiences to make the system more responsive and person-centered.

Pre-recorded, on-demand videos featuring Ohio subject matter experts sharing their stories of innovation:

With over six decades of experience, New Avenues specializes in supporting individuals with disabilities, particularly those residing in their intermediate care facilities (ICFs). Their innovative journey revolves around embracing change, building strong community bonds, and creating person-centered support models. Discover how New Avenues envisions a future with smaller, technology-enhanced living environments that empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives. This video underscores their dedication to personalized support, staff engagement, and valuing individual preferences and aspirations.

New Avenues to Independence, Cleveland | (Runtime: 43:13)

The FUSE Network, Newark | (Runtime: 28:46)

In this spotlight, members of the Fuse Network discuss their experiences and strategies for navigating the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. They share how they made a crucial decision to refocus on building strong relationships, both within their team and with their clients and families. They also partnered with a business coach and leadership development trainer to enhance their leadership skills and communication. The video highlights the importance of investing in relationships to improve the quality of care and support for individuals with disabilities.

The Abilities Connection, Springfield | (Runtime: 63:46)

The Abilities Connection (TAC) journey highlights the importance of adaptation, strategic planning, and ongoing progress to align services with the needs and desires of the individuals they support. Staff emphasize the importance of celebrating individuals’ achievements and shifting the focus from limitations to opportunities. They also discuss a need for ongoing collaboration and moving towards a more community-centered approach. These efforts aim to provide inclusive services to those they serve to reach their full potential.

Starfire, Cincinnati | (Runtime: 63:38)

Starfire spotlights key concepts related to building connections and community. Their story emphasizes the importance of approaching interactions with an open mind, unlearning stereotypes, and engaging in shared activities that promote understanding and empathy. They highlight how simple, meaningful activities, like neighborhood concerts and anonymous gift-giving, can bring people together, break down barriers, and foster a sense of belonging and trust within a community.

Heidt Center of Excellence, Cincinnati | (Runtime: 6:59)

At the Heidt Center of Excellence, innovation meets education, as they bridge the gap between school-age and adult services for students with autism and related diagnoses. In this spotlight, discover how they empower students lead their education, develop life skills, and transition confidently into adulthood. Their unique approach involves active collaboration with students and families, ensuring a holistic and empowering journey towards independence.

Capabilities, Saint Marys | (Runtime: 43:18)

In this inspiring video, we introduce the founders of Capabilities—Bill and Karen Blumhorst—devoted to helping individuals with disabilities. Their journey epitomizes innovation, fueled by a profound understanding of the challenges their community faces. We also meet Scot, whose remarkable story centers on the transformative power of relationships. He generously shares his experiences and underscores the vital role these connections play in navigating life’s hurdles. Scot’s journey emphasizes persistence, innovation, and active engagement with the community.