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Innovation Series

Innovation Series 2023

The 2023 Innovation Series builds on the connections the Community Life Engagement (CLE) Team has helped to spotlight and celebrate over the last 6+ years to improve person-centered planning, community membership, and employment opportunities for individuals across Ohio. The increasing complexities of our society and challenges faced within the developmental disability system require us to work collaboratively to discover a shared path forward. The series is designed to grow and foster networks that empower a diverse group of people to connect, collaborate, and innovate to create a future system of supports that works for all.

2023 Networking Tuesdays


  • Honor the bonds among Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professionals and Service & Support Administrators (QIDPs/SSAs), Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), families, communities, and people being supported in our system;
  • Foster relationships and connections among people being supported, families, county boards, Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs), providers, and other stakeholders;
  • Hold insightful conversations guiding the assessment and planning process;
  • Share best practices and stories around innovating new ways of supporting people;
  • Focus on how networks and collaboration can support the journey towards a meaningful life;
  • Discuss sustaining and enriching support through relationship networks, and listening to people being supported and their families; and
  • Hear stories from people building their network and how this is a critical component to supporting people with the most significant sensory, behavior, and communication needs.

Virtual Series Session Recordings

Kickoff Event



Transition from School to Adulthood

Supporting People with Significant Needs

Plans & Outcomes

In-Person Summit

View Summit Agenda (PDF)

Summit/Innovation Celebration (Session Recordings)