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Innovation Series

May 29 - Together We CAN

Illustrated hands pass a box of can good to another set of hands with the banner text Together We CAN! Building Community | May 29, 2024

Join us at the 2024 Innovation Summit for a unique activity that combines teamwork, creativity, and giving back to the community. As part of our theme, "A Day in the Life: Amplifying Voices, Building a More Inclusive Tomorrow," we're excited to incorporate a hands-on experience that reflects the spirit of collaboration and community building.

How to Participate

It's easy! Summit participants are encouraged to bring with them 1-5 canned food or non-perishable items.

During the day, we'll channel our collective creative and innovative powers and work together to build interesting structures or colorful patterns out of the donated items. Of course we'll snap pictures and share on social media with #TogetherWeCanOhio

At the conclusion of the day, Community Life Engagement team members will collect all of the donated canned food and non-perishable items and distribute them to community centers in every region of the state.

Thank you for your contribution and support! Let's make a difference together!

Please note: Participation in the Together We CAN activity is strictly voluntary and not a requirement of the 2024 Summit. Thanks for your consideration!