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Transition Toolkit

…Facilitate Meaningful Transition Planning?

Official agency documents, such as the Individualized Education Program (IEP), Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE), or the Individualized Service Plan (ISP), to name a few, are ways to formally organize goals, benchmarks, and objectives to help a person achieve a desired outcome. With that being said, a lot of person-centered planning needs to happen to make these documents truly individualized to the person. Learn how to use tools and processes to put the ‘planning’ into the plan.

Use the backwards planning tools to begin or continue making plans over time for a youth’s desired adult outcomes. Planning with the youth is most effective when done with teachers, agency partners, and others. To learn more about Backwards Planning Tools and to download templates, visit the Tools for Multi-Agency Team Transition Planning and click on “Multi-Agency Transition Planning, Person Centered Thinking, and Backwards Planning” to find the resources and tools to get started.

The Charting the LifeCourse Framework was created to help individuals and families of all abilities and all ages develop a vision for a good life, think about what they need to know and do, identify how to find or develop supports, and discover what it takes to live the lives they want to live.

Download the Charting the LifeCourse Focus on Transition quick guide

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