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Why Employment Matters

Why Employment Matters: A Resource Guide by and for Self-Advocates Interested in Pursuing Competitive, Integrated Employment

Designed for Independent Living Centers, the Developmental Disabilities Network, and Traumatic Brain Injury State Partnership Programs to disseminate as an informational resource to individuals with significant disabilities and their families to encourage self-advocates to pursue competitive integrated employment. It is especially helpful for supporting the transition of individuals with disabilities from sheltered workshops or segregated day settings to a job in the community making competitive wages. It is also an excellent resource for youth and young adults transitioning out of the educational system and into the workforce and community living. The premise of the document is that no one is too disabled to live and work in the community, and as such, federally funded disability grant entities should be promoting and encouraging competitive integrated employment (CIE) as a priority goal and achievable outcome for all individuals with disabilities.

Resource Guide