Community Employment Resource Map

Seneca County

Seneca County is a rural community that provides employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities through local businesses, manufacturing, food service, and as material handlers.

Seneca County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Seneca DD) has a few different approaches to support community employment. One is the Bridges to Employment program, in partnership with Crawford County Board of Developmental Disabilities. This program works with students in transition and adults to get connected to the community. Seneca DD also utilizes their vocational rehabilitation counselors and job coaches.  They have job clubs that provide social experiences and community based opportunities to learn more about employment.

Seneca DD is working closely with several stakeholders as they continue to develop their Employment First policy and practices. Some of these agencies include BVR, Ohio Means Jobs, the local Chamber of Commerce, local school districts, the Educational Service Center, the Family Child First Council, and employment providers. This group meets to learn more about each other and to enrich the menu of services provided to individuals and families.

A recent partnership with Mercy Hospital in Tiffin has led to a unique employment opportunity. The hospital coffee shop is now staffed by individuals with developmental disabilities and has been a way for Seneca DD to create opportunities in their small, rural county.

Educating individuals about self-advocacy has been a very influential aspect on community employment success in Seneca County. Project STIR (Steps Toward Individual Responsibilities) has given individuals resources to advocate for themselves and made them aware of the choices they have and important problem solving skills that can help in maintaining employment.