Community Employment Resource Map

Ross County

Ross County has several integrated employment options for individuals with developmental disabilities such as: retail, food service, logistics, clerical, and a variety of positions in a hospital setting. The tenacity of the individuals served has been paramount in Ross County when promoting and being successful in community employment.

Ross County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Ross DD) has provided community employment services for several years and has a practice that any individual who wants to work in the community, will receive support to find a job in the community. They assist individuals in maintaining job placements long term and have several supported opportunities.

To support individuals, Ross DD collaborates with Ohio Means Jobs, local newspapers, and the local Chamber of Commerce. These partnerships promote awareness and understanding in the community about community employment. Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities has three VRP3 counselors to assist with vocational needs in Ross County as well. Ross DD also has 11 work sites in partnership with the local school districts. Several businesses act as partners by both providing employment and meaningful training programs.

One local business has been a great long-term partner with Ross DD. Over several years, Ross DD has built a trusting relationship-and open communication and the business regularly calls for workforce needs and have hired several individuals.