Community Employment Resource Map

Putnam County

In Putnam County, there is a wide range of employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities. Community employment positions include: janitorial, logistics, food service, retail, and homecare.

The Putnam County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Putnam DD) recently adopted an Employment First policy that allows for the Employment First initiative to be put into practice. There is an emphasis on transition services for students moving into community employment. The largest influence for individuals seeking integrated employment is their expressed interest and understanding of working in the community.

Many of the partnerships that exist in Putnam County to provide services for individuals with developmental disabilities include: Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities, working with all nine local school districts, and involvement with the local Chamber of Commerce. Putnam DD has also developed several partnerships with employers, including one local business where individuals have excelled through natural supports. Within this company, one worker has been employed for more than 18 years at above minimum wage.  These partnerships help to develop community jobs and build awareness with potential employers