Community Employment Resource Map

Jefferson County

Individuals in Jefferson County have found a variety of job placements in the community. Most have found employment in food service and retail; the Jefferson County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Jefferson DD) is working to expand the array of job types for the individuals they serve.

All adults and transition youth served by Jefferson DD are encouraged to try community employment including those who receive adult services, school services, and SSA services. Jefferson DD works with families and individuals to determine what individuals want in a career, and staff make a strong effort to assist them in accomplishing their goals. The local school districts collaborate with Jefferson DD through the Bridges to Transition program to place students in community employment.

In addition, the community services department of Jefferson DD partners with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD), and has relationships with the local Chamber of Commerce and other business and fraternal organizations in the community that engage with employment.

The largest impact has been a commitment from the staff and the community. Families have been very supportive and encouraging of community employment, especially in the area of transportation which enables individuals to be successfully employed.

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