Community Employment Resource Map

Harrison County

As part of a joint collaboration between Belmont, Harrison, and Noble Counties, the BHN Alliance serves several individuals in community employment. Occupations include retail, food service, and customer service. With recent economic development in this area, there have also been increased opportunities for community based employment. The BHN Alliance has an Employment First policy that is tailored to the specific characteristics of their area and the individuals served. Additionally, they also have a grant process that provides initial funding to providers to generate opportunities for community based employment.

The BHN Alliance has partnered with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities since 2009 through Bridges to Transition, a program that targets 14-25 year olds in order to build necessary skills to transition from school to community employment. Bridges has fostered strong relationships with several school districts in all three counties. BHN Alliance is also highly involved with a number of different chambers and have staff present quarterly on employment awareness activities. Committed to a positive job experience, the BHN Alliance helps individuals find job placements that suit their interests and strengths.

One such example was a young lady who desired a job that allowed her to work with animals, and was able to obtain a job as a lead out, working with dogs, at the Wheeling Island Hotel, Casino and Racetrack. The boards in Belmont, Harrison and Noble Counties have adopted the Positive Culture Initiative, and believe that all people have great capacity and abilities. They operate under a leadership model and belief system that people with disabilities can and should be employed and accepted in the community.